Your Leadership Team consists of dedicated volunteer members who pool their time, experience, and their passion for quality to assure a good experience for our members.  We welcome new volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Leadership Team please contact your Chair.  For detailed job descriptions of each position, click on the position(s) below:


Name Position Contact
Rhonda Hayes Section Chair
Communications, Social Media, Webmaster
Ron Lombrano Section Vice Chair, PAR Chair
Pauline Dong Secretary
Catherine Martin Treasurer, Awards & Recognition
Ron Lombrano Immediate Past Chair


Name Position Contact
Chen Low Arrangements
Joe DeSimone Certification
Lane Parrott Education & Training, Section Audit
James Morrison Membership 
Catherine Martin Simon Collier Quality Award Chair (SCQA)
Imre A. Fischer SCQA, ARC
Muriel Sasaki Programs
James Alexander Financial Auditor, Volunteer
Chen Low Voice of the Customer