Section Leaders and Committee Chairs

Section Leaders and Committee Chairs2018-06-06T13:55:13+00:00

Your Leadership Team consists of dedicated volunteer members who pool their time, experience, and their passion for quality to assure a good experience for our members.  We welcome new volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Leadership Team please contact your Chair.  For detailed job descriptions of each position, click on the position(s) below:

Ron LombranoSection
OpenSection Vice Chair, PAR Chair
James MorrisonTreasurer, Awards &
Alan WangPast Chair, Nominations, CSUDH Liaison,
Chen LowArrangements , Voice of the Customer
Catherine MartinMembership
Imre A. FischerSCQA,
Lane ParrottEducation, Section
Armen YeghoianJob
Fernando RamirezChief
Bianca GallegosSocial
Rebecca CollinsSpecial Events
James AlexanderLT