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2017 Nov Presentation – Needs & Expectations: Interested Parties to ISO and AS9100

2017 May Presentation – Serving 21st Century California – Blue Shield Transformation

2017 Apr Presentation – ISO 9001:2015 Lessons Learned After the First Year From the Registrar Perspective

2017 Feb Presentation – Make an Impression on Future Generations Through STEM

2016 Oct Presentation – Triz   Finding Creative Solutions to Complex Problems

2016 Sep Presentation – AS9100 Rev D (2016) Clause-by-Clause Changes

2016 Sep Presentation – AS9100 Rev D (2016) Key Changes

2016 Sep Presentation – AS9100 Rev D (2016) Transition Timeline

2016 Aug Presentation – Your Personal and Professional Presence on Social Media

2016 June Presentation – Profiling the S.T.E.M. Professional for the New Economy

2016 Feb Presentation – ISO 9001:2015:  Main Changes in the World’s Most Popular QMS Standard

Bonus – Transition Checklist

2015 Nov Presentation – ASQ ITEA and CTEA Awards Section 700

2015 August Presentation by Peter Lindwall – Process Validataion: Proactive and Robust Validation Programs

2015 April Presentation by George Young – Counterfeit Part Awareness, Avoidance, & Risk Mitigation

2015 Feb Presentation by Larry Bartkus – Determining Process Capability

2014 May Presentation by Larry Bartkus – Statistical Applications Using Minitab, Demonstrating Change (Data Shift)

2014 April Presentation by Milton Krivokuca DBA –  Quality and Effectiveness Assessment in Higher Education

2013 August Presentation by Gary Miller – Critical Chain Project Management

2013 May Presentation by Kathleen A. Laing – Software Quality Assurance: What Is It and Why Should I Care?

2013 April Presentation by Milton Krivokuca DBA – Quality Focused Organizational Change: A Model For Rapid Improvement

2012 April Presentation by Dr. Catherine Martin DBA – Risked Based Auditing

2011 August Presentation by Sydney Vianna – AS9100C

2011 March Presentation by Manuel Marco – Effective Root Cause Analysis For Corrective and Preventive Action

2010 September Presentation by Eric Richter PhD – Measuring Quality Audit Effectiveness

2010 February Presentation by Marcia Pasquarella CFPIM CIRM – Critical Chain Project Management