The American Society for Quality (ASQ) is a global community of experts and is the leading authority on quality in all fields, organizations, and industries. It advances the professional development, credentials, and advocacy on behalf of its more than 85,000 members worldwide. As a champion of the quality movement, ASQ members are driven by a sense of responsibility to enrich their lives, to improve their workplaces and communities, and to make the world a better place by applying quality tools, techniques, and systems.

Section Chair History

1946-1949 John M. Howell

1949-1950 Carl M. Boswell

1950-1952 Wyatt H. Lewis

1952-1953 James A. Crawford

1953-1954 Harry G. Romig

1954-1955 Edward Cartotto

1955-1956 Frank H. Squires

1956-1957 Leslie W. Ball

1957-1958 Leo A. Aroian

1958-1959 William J. Galagher, Jr.

1959-1960 Henry Matosoff

1960-1961 E. Jack Lancaster

1961-1962 Robert L. Heath

1962-1964 Raymond A. Dotey

1964-1965 Fred A. Peck

1965-1966 A. Scott Crossfield

1966-1967 Dean Edgerton, Jr.

1967-1968 Milford E. Collins

1968-1970 Eric A. Hoeg

1970-1971 Steve S. Kozich

1971-1972 Robert M. Illson

1972-1973 John W. Sheppard

1974-1976 Imre A. Fischer

1976-1978 Bernard J. Wilms

1978-1980 James A. Morrison

1980-1981 Spencer Hutchens, Jr.

1981-1982 Kenneth H.Applegate

1982-1983 Charles C. Cook

1983-1984 Eugene M. Barker

1984-1985 Charles J. Adams

1985-1986 Vincent J. Pape

1986-1987 Raimonda Scime

1987-1988 William H. Trappen

1988-1989 Michael P. Charness

1989-1990 Mark E. Crumly

1990-1991 Helen Joyce Stratton

1991-1992 Terry J. Mohr

1992-1993 Daniel R. Schulz

1993-1994 Murray Spector

1994-1995 Mitchell Locks

1995-1996 Wilson Mar

1996-1997 Mitchell Tarr

1997-1998 Teresa Omar

1998-1999 James A. Morrison

1999-2001 Nannette Monreal

2001-2004 Muriel Sasaki

2004-2006 Shirley Powell

2006-2008 Chen L. Low

2008-2010 Joseph R. DeSimone

2010-2011 Chen L. Low

2011-2013 Lane Parrott

2013-2015 Catherine Martin

2015-2017 Alan Wang

2017- Ron Lonbrano