Section Events

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Monthly Meetings

The ASQ LA Section membership meets on the second Wednesday of every month except July and December.

Networking and registration are from 5:30 to 6 PM. The meetings begin promptly at 6 PM and end no later than 8 PM.

There is no charge for our meetings, but we need to know who is attending in order to plan for seating, snacks, and for security purposes. We serve refreshments, free of charge. We usually have cheese, crackers, trail mix, cookies, coffee, and water. We also typically have a raffle for 4 or 5 door prizes.

Planning on attending the upcoming monthly meeting?  You MUST RSVP to Chen Low 626.758.2863 or e-mail address to  [email protected] no later than Noon on the Monday prior to the meeting.  Without an RSVP there is a chance you may be held up at security.

Meetings locations rotate. Be sure to check the the front page of this webiste and/or your invitation for the most up-to-date information about the upcoming meeting.

We look foward to seeing you there!

Frequent locations are:

Mattel, 333 Continental Boulevard, El Segundo, CA 90245

Phenomenex, 2341 West 205th Street, Torrance, CA 90501

Section Calendar

We’re trying out a simpler approach this year to highlight important dates for ASQLA members.  Please feel free to utilize the information below and check back often.  Enjoy!

January 2017

4th – ASQLA Leadership Team Meeting

11th – ASQLA Member Meeting

February 2017

1st – ASQLA Leadership Team Meeting

8th – ASQLA Member Meeting

March 2017

1st – ASQLA Leadership Team Meeting

8th – ASQLA Member Meeting

April 2017

5th – ASQLA Leadership Team Meeting

12th – ASQLA Member Meeting

May 2017

3rd – ASQLA Leadership Team Meeting

10th – ASQLA Member Meeting

June 2017

7th – ASQLA Leadership Team Meeting

14th – ASQLA Member Meeting

July 2017

No Meeting, ASQLA Dodger Night – TBD

August 2017

2nd – ASQLA Leadership Team Meeting

9th – ASQLA Member Meeting

September 2017

6th – ASQLA Leadership Team Meeting

13th – ASQLA Member Meeting

October 2017

4th – ASQLA Leadersihp Team Meeting

11th – ASQLA Member Meeting – Vote for Officers

November 2017

1st – ASQLA Leadership Team Meeting

8th – ASQLA Member Meeting

December 2017

No Meeting