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2015 Simon Collier Award Recipient Dr. Jack ReVelle

ASQLA Chair Cathy Martin Presents Larry Bartkus with Certificate of Appreciation for Larry's Presentation
Milt Krivokuca Received The ASQ Testimonial Award!
Joe DeSimone Received The ASQ Achievement Award!
2016 Simon Collier Award Recipient Dr. Manu Vora and friends


ASQ Volunteer Excellence Award

ASQ Volunteer Excellence Award was presented to Lane Parrott for her contributions to Section 0700 and the Community.

ASQLA Leadership Team Meeting

ASQ Leadership Team met at CSUDH.  From left: Chen, Joe, Lane, Kathleen, Rhonda, Imre, Catherine, Bill, Lisa, (Alan).  Your leadership team meets on a monthly basis.  Volunteers are welcome.  Let us know if you are interested.

Meeting Preparation

Lane, Chen, and Lisa working the sign-in table at one of our member meetings.

ASQLA Community Service Award

Suzanne Fuentes receives the ASQLA Community Service Award from Awards & Recognition Chairman, Imre Fischer

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Become an ASQLA Leadership Team Member! We Have Openings!


ASQLA welcomes you to volunteer on our Leadership Team to help bring benefits to our membership experience.  Contact your section Chair or any Leadership Team member if you are able and willing to help out.   


Webmasters Update

To see ASQLA's upcoming events please click here.
Did You Enjoy Your November Member Meeting?


Dr. Manu Vora, Mark Lindsey, and Dr. Milt Krivokuca


spoke on the topic of


The Selling of Quality


For more information about speakers or topic you may access the November Newsletter via the [Newsletters] tab above.  Enjoy!







Announcing 2017 ASQLA Section Officers

Alan Wang - 2017 Section Chair

Ron Lombrano - 2017 Section Vice Chair

Elizabeth Rowshan - 2017 Section Secretary

James Morrison - 2017 Section Treasurer


In addition to the official positions above, our section is also privileged to have dedicated commitment from individuals holding various appointed positions in areas where we endeavor to uphold and increase our membership value.  Click on the [Section Leaders & Committee Chairs] tab to the left for more information.  Please feel free to contact us if you wish to join our leadership team.


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ASQLA Certificaiton Course schedule has been updated.  Click on the [ASQ Certifications Course] tab under [Certificaiton & Education] for more information.


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If your name does not appear than you are not a member of Section 0700. Section dues ore only $20 a year. Please contact ASQ to join Section 0700: 800-248-1946.

If your name does appear, click on your name and view your profile. Make sure your profile indicates the Los Angeles Section. If our section is listed then you are a member!! If the Los Angeles Section is missing, then you are not a member. Please contact ASQ to join Section 0700: 800-248-1946.

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